As much as we want our home to be a safe place for communing and bonding with our family, our retreat for majority of our days, there still occur unforeseen incidents. Such unwanted events are slip or trip ups, which is an obvious no-no. However, there are some general tips you can keep in mind to make sure you minimize the risks of tumbling down in your own floor.

Reduce bath floor slippery

In bathrooms or rest rooms, we usually just mind our own business and not really wary of how we move in this small familiar area. And of course, the irony is that they are made up of many frictionless tiles, which when presented with moisture, may be a hazard for people. That’s why it is important to include non-slip mats on most of the floor in order to prevent your family from ever sliding unintentionally.

Trips are not fun if unwanted

Did you know that loose wirings lying around from several home appliances can be very invisible to the vision of your family members? Thus, tripping is highly likely, and it could very well be extremely a cause of injury among your playful children. Remove all cords that are on passageways or areas in the house that are always busy like the living room. If not possible, have these cable or cords tucked inside of the floors or even on the walls.

Care for stairs

Sometimes, tripping and slipping can happen on the bridge between the upper and ground floors: the stairs. The handles may guide us as we trudge this sort of blocks whether going up or down, but there are still instances of us slipping or tripping here. In order to prevent this, safety message for stairs may be included so that people will always be watching their step all the time.

Dim not dark

When we wake up at night to probably get to the rest room for a quick nature call, we tend to be so sleepy and unmindful, to complicate matters, we travel on pitch black passage ways to avoid being completely waken by the burst of light. That’s why it is highly recommended to install dim lights or emergency lights so as to balance the sleepy mood and have a little guide to where you want to get without having to turn on all the lights. Even you can have latest glow in the dark stair treads so as to avoid tumbling or tripping as you climb up.Tripping and slipping are probably among the common accidents that may happen on home. But with proper reminders and precautions we put like the ones mentioned above, the risk of us falling down will likely to decrease.

Preventing Slipping Or Tripping Tips

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